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St David's Memorial Church

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St David's Memorial Church, Alexandra Street was built immediately adjacent to St David's Free Church. It was proposed in 1919 that Mrs David Paton Thomson, sister of Mrs HY Reyburn the current ministers wife, would build a church in memory of her father John Scott, of Ashwood. Mr Scott, a local footwear manufacturer, had been a Deacon in Free St David's from 1843-1900. The foundation stone was laid in 1924. The architects were Dr P MacGregor Chalmers, the designer, and his successor Mr J Jeffrey Waddell who saw it executed. The church cost approximately £20,000 and was built in the 'late Scottish Gothic' style. It was constructed from ashlar stone and was entirely hand tooled. The tower stands at 130 feet and was incorporated with some stone from the old church. The church was opened in 1926 by Rev GH Morrison, DD, Moderator of the General Assembly.

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