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St. David's Ledgate

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St. David's Ledgate Church, Eastside, Kirkintilloch gets its name from "Bailie" David Gemmill who served in the burgh from 1826-1830. He laid the foundation stone for the church in his own garden. Built as an extension to the Parish Church, the congregation was formed in 1836, the church cost £2,500 and seated 1012 worshipers. The Disruption of 1843 saw massive change for St. David's Ledgate. The split of the kirk, due to disputes with the government over its involvement with church decisions, left Scotland with two national churches -The Church of Scotland and The Free Church of Scotland. By 1845 the majority of St. David's congregation had left to 'go out into the fields' to form the free church, as a result St. David's Ledgate was shut up for eight years. It re-opened in 1851 as a mission station and was later returned to the status of chapel in 1853. The church still stands today although it is no longer used for religious purposes.

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